Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Kryptonite Is Older Than You Think It Is!

From 1930...

Obviously Red Kryptonite, right?!?

From 1936...

Now they're after Gold Kryptonite!!

And from 1929:

$300 bucks for the best short short story about this cover? OK, here goes.

As Brainiac kidnapped the Daily Star, his ship fired its Green Kryptonite lasers full blast! THE END
Where's my 3 Benjamins, Hugo Gernsback?

Covers, in order, by Frank R. Paul, Frank R. Paul, and...Frank R. Paul...hey, wait a minute. What's going on here? TGhis is some kinda plot, right? Frank R. Paul must be a pseudonym for a time traveler stuck in the past, putting his knowledge of the future and artistic skills together to make a meager living until he can repair his time craft...

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Andy Graves said...

No way, man. Look at it. That ship belongs to Space Ranger!